Visual Medicine is a Creative Mindfulness practice originated by psychotherapist and artist Suzette Clough. This radically simple painting technique allows you to tap into the full flow of universal creative energy. It brings together visual meditation with a reflective writing process. Visual Medicine leads you in a transformative relationship with the power of your Creative Mind.

Creative energy runs through you onto the page. Paint flows onto wet watercolour paper - swirling and opening until it finds its true shape. An image emerges, unfurling in conversation with you. 

Ask a question.

Allow your answer to emerge.

Your Creative Mind is your guide.

Painting without a fixed idea of what an image should look like leads you to discover the authentic identity of the painting that is already there waiting to speak with you. Creating this way allows something truly extraordinary to happen - exquisitely complex images arise in soulful communication. Images become like oracles emerging in creative dialogue with you.

You are a creative explorer.

Get up close and personal with the Visual Medicine Practice. Music by Stef Vink

Visual Medicine is a portal to the hidden intelligence of your Creative Mind. You learn to see the world and even difficult-to-navigate problems from a different expanded perspective. 

Visual Medicine can answer questions from another part of you - we might call it the Soul or the right brain, your inner voice or Spirit. It allows you to know yourself as the Artist in an alive co-creative relationship with a generative universe.

You can ask questions like:

Where are you on your life path?

What's happening in a particular relationship?

How can you heal a specific experience or trauma?

How can you find a loving partner?

How can you be a better parent, partner, boss, friend?

How can you earn more money?

What do you need to do in order to find a more satisfying job?

How can you live more joyfully, creatively, abundantly, meaningfully? 

Visual Medicine provides us with a diversity of perspectives. Answers that were not there emerges from the field of the images.

Visual Medicine taps into our unconscious stories seeing them through a creative lens not as dead-end blocks but as a treasure trove that contains both the issue and the answer.

Creativity births more creativity.

Visual Medicine reveals the answers that already exist within the universe of your own Creative Mind…

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