Visual Medicine images are Oracles. What do you see?

I often write these words on Facebook or Instagram as a caption to a Visual Medicine painting. 

Visual Medicine images are oracles. What do you see? 

I have never been asked what do I mean...

I find this curious and deeply heartening because I think what it says is that people do see. It confirms to me that when you look at a Visual Medicine image you do see something or you have a feeling in your body, or you experience a kind of atmosphere or something that invites you to have further thoughts or imaginings about what you are looking at. 

A little below the surface our minds are primed to create stories. We quite naturally think in narratives and patterns. And we do see things. Our first language is visual - but our second language is narrative. The practice of Visual Medicine allows you to call in a communication from the alive world - a communication that sits just below (or above) our conscious awareness. And when we tap into our natural capacity to see these stories and create with them they can tell us more about ourselves, what's important to us in that moment - what we may need to know. Our imagination is a vast creative library alive and waiting for us.

Making paintings using the Visual Medicine technique opens the field for the paintings to communicate becoming oracles by telling their/our story. When you open this field by painting or asking questions-that-open you clear a ground for a communication -whether the story comes from your own unconscious or a universal energy that is bringing itself forward to communicate with us. 


Our whole world is an entangled, complex, alive, highly attuned communication system - it is speaking in a language which, when we can learn to tune into it, becomes an enabling communicative universe that we are both a part of, connected to, and in co-creation with. 

We are quite literally connected as creators and artists operating within the gossamer fabric of creation itself.



Visual Medicine