Visual Medicine: the beginning...


One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time...Andre Gide

When I first began to see the tendrils of paint forming into intricate patterns (what I later came to call Visual Medicine) I wanted to share my discovery with everyone!

I wanted talk about it, teach it and write about it. I wanted people to see and experience for themselves the sheer bountifulness of pure creative energy when it's allowed to flow. There was also something else too. The paintings that were created were not just decorations to hang on walls. They were energy blueprints, subtle artefacts teased from the complex threads of our lives and our lives yet-to-come. I began to understand these images, held-in-the-palm-of-my-hand, were story tellers for the narratives of who we are and how we can transform those stories to find our true paths in the world. 


Visual Medicine is a deceptively simple painting process, which allows images to emerge. The paintings are made without a brush by scooping acrylic paint onto watercolour paper that has been wet, allowing the images to essentially paint themselves.

The paintings that arise from this process seem to express the underlying forms and patterns existing in nature, which in turn give a visual access to the vastness of possibility within our own inner nature.

It's been sixteen years since Visual Medicine revealed itself to me - just as my art-to-wear business was coming to a natural end. I had handprinted more than five thousand metres of fabric. Each centimetre painted with a unique unrepeatable print. This was part of my lengthy apprenticeship in Visual Medicine.

Over time I had seen and experienced paint, dyes, and inks moving in exquisite flowing conversation with such intimate encounter that I could no longer be blind or deaf to the unfolding reality that the material world is alive with energy and ready to speak to us - when we create the right circumstances for it to communicate.

Welcome to the world of Visual Medicine - a radically transformative creative practice that anyone can use to create extraordinary images and uncover profound insights in your inner world.

Creativity is not a luxury - it is our shared birthright. I'm on that journey too, to reclaim the treasure that lives within each of us.



Visual Medicine