Join the Revolution...

I was thinking about a friend of mine who had the studio cubicle next to me at Art School. She and I were very close. We shared a deep love of painting for the love of painting. We both made paintings in a search for meaning beyond, and within the act of painting itself. We often felt quite alone at this particular very conceptual Art School.

I once asked her why she painted. She whispered – redemption. I knew what she meant. The word stayed with me living in my bones like a stealth antigen against the toxicity of the Big Pharma Art business. My friend is now thriving in the international art scene – and I wonder why we are in such different niches in the expression of our creative practice.

It lead me to remember a diary entry from my 20’s where I wrote at the top of the page “I want to create a technique/practice/thing where people can feel the power of their own creativity”. At the time I couldn’t imagine or even understand what I really meant - or what it might look like. Why did I feel it was my task to set about trying to do this? Isn’t true creativity really just one’s own? Why did I want to claim this as a path I wanted to walk?

I know the answer. Painting saved my life. I wanted to share it. Painting has been my way of finding myself in the ossified layers of a self that had often given up. It has been my way of penetrating and expressing the ravishment of my addiction to food, alcohol, and relationships – and everything inbetween. It has been my way of connecting to, and repairing my shattered core. It has been my way of making sense and making meaning. It seemed the only way that I could translate my self-loathing was through the search for my inner light in the abstract energy-language of painting.

All this is true. But, why did I write that sentence in my diary? Why did I want to share my search and ultimately a way that I discovered to connect to pure abstract creative energy?

Because, the path of Creativity is a revolution!

Painting can be a path to finding a way – but the step I created that I want to share now is a practice of tapping into universal creative energy that kindles deep healing.

I call it Visual Medicine. It’s a painting technique that is so radically simple that anyone/everyone can do it and find meaning in the abstractness of the painting process. It’s a language where the painting itself in the moment of creation whispers to you…you too can create and re-create yourself; you too can change and transform; who too can step into the limitless flow of creative energy; you too are free to think and become the uniqueness of yourself. You too can…

Creation exists in every moment. 
Redemption is possible.


Suzette CloughComment