Book: Visual Medicine - The Art of the Unknown by Suzette Clough

Book: Visual Medicine - The Art of the Unknown by Suzette Clough


Visual Medicine is a radically simple painting and writing process originated by artist Suzette Clough. Anyone can create with it and paint extraordinary images.

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Visual Medicine allows images to emerge rather than being painted in a traditional sense. The practice is more akin to meditation, where a paradigm shift takes place; from trying to be creative – to naturally being creative in the moment.

The paintings that arise are not only aesthetically surprising, they are also templates of infinite complexity that reflect and express the underlying forms and patterns that exist in all nature. In turn, these images give a visual access to the vastness of possibility within your own emotional and spiritual nature. This book will introduce you to the Oracle Mind - the potent visionary energy of the right-brain that each human consciousness carries innately.

Visual Medicine is a process that gives you an access to an unpredictable numinous realm where your Creative Mind can re-imagine, problem solve and transform.

Visual Medicine has made a lasting impact on my writing and creative work. This book is a work of the heart, soul & spirit.
- Jackee Holder - Author, Coach, Spiritual Activist

I adore this wise, rich book. Reading it and working it feels a bit like discovering a form of healing magic.
- Jennifer Louden - Best-selling author of The Life Organizer and The Woman's Comfort Book

Visual Medicine - the Art of the Unknown' is an exquisite offering from a brilliant artist and psychotherapist. Its evocative images, poetry and wisdom invite the reader to open and journey deeper into the landscapes of their own soul.
Miranda Macpherson, Spiritual Teacher, Author, Founder of OneSpirit Seminary UK, The Feminine Wisdom School