We offer a range of bespoke workshops for businesses, organisations and individuals who wish to get hands on with creativity, innovative problem solving and finding new perspectives.

Our Business Workshops offer a fun yet contemplative alternative to Team Building and Away Days by offering an innovative way to connect through creativity, deep listening and sharing.

Visual Medicine can help build trust in your team's own natural creativity by cultivating an in-the-moment awareness of how to see opportunities and challenges through a creative lens.

Visual Medicine ignites a new way of seeing.

Entrepreneurship and business are a delicate, and sometimes fragile activity. They also demand resilience, a particular kind of canny intelligence and original creative flair.

Every business is looking for a distinctive voice, that something which stops people in their tracks, and makes them concentrate on your message or the solution you are offering.

How would it feel to connect to a deeper, more naturally intuitive creative knowing? The same creative knowing that ignited your business into life but can sometimes lie dormant beneath the day-to-day running of all the things that must be done.

What would that be worth to your company to be able to tap into the creative intelligence that is already in your team but not being properly seen or used in your business?

Is your team’s lack of creative confidence holding you back?

Every team should check in with themselves and discover just where they are. How can we ever explore what other people are thinking or feeling if we never take time to listen to ourselves?

How can Visual Medicine help?

Visual Medicine is a creative development process. It appeals to anyone, regardless of artistic ability. In fact, it often works best when people feel blocked, scared or shy. It immediately removes the stumbling block of ‘I’m not creative.’ It’s actually a form of creative meditation using paint, words and reflection to catalyse a paradigm shift. People stop trying to be creative and become naturally, effortlessly creative in the moment. 

When people have an AH-HA moment of feeling that Creativity is a universal energy not just something bestowed on an elite few - there is a shift. A whole team or a project begins to flow more spontaneously - there is a paradigm of possibility and new ideas will often emerge.

Would you allow your team to play and create?

How much time do you allow your team to play, ponder or connect with their own true creative intelligence? Without these opportunities solutions become predictable and generic. These are the skills all contemporary businesses and people really need in order to succeed. Contact Suzette for a bespoke offering.