Visual Medicine Facilitator Training


Do you want to teach Visual Medicine?

Visual Medicine is a meditative creative practice in the newly emergent field of creative practices transforming consciousness. The Visual Medicine Facilitator Training offers a way of adding to your existent professional skill set. The training is designed to enhance and deepen your own creativity as well as your work with clients.

Creativity holds an elemental key to our planetary and personal transformation. Current Neuroscientific research shows that creativity elevates brain patterning and alters perceptions allowing us to quite literally see differently. Visual Medicine images speak in the same visual, shape-shifting energetic language as our psyche – the soul’s imagination and consciousness. The images tap into a different way of seeing. They allow us a new perspective on an old problem, or the glimpse of a different relationship, or the ability to imagine another possibility or even a whole new perceptual ecology to show itself.

Visual Medicine ignites a new way of seeing - it is a trackable transformational framework. Practicing Visual Medicine allows you to step into new emotional, spiritual and psychological territory. It can catalyse a shift in your own creative exploration and become a ground for personal, ecological and social transformation.

The training will give you a conceptual framework via the lens of Visual Medicine to understand the multidimensional ways in which the unconscious/right brain/universe communicate with us.

The training is held at the Visual Medicine Studio - in North London and takes place over a series of 3 long weekends + a one day:

September: Friday 27th, Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th

November: Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd

January: Friday 24th, Saturday 25th, Sunday 26th

February: Saturday 8th

The course is also supported with a series of 5 X 90 minute online sessions hosted on Zoom + a 75 minute personal coaching session with Suzette

Who is the training for?

Anyone who wants to use creativity in their work and life. Therapists, Artists, Psychotherapists, Yoga & Tai Chi Teachers, Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Leaders, Teachers, Health Practitioners, Counsellors, Healers.

The training is designed to create a supportive experiential learning environment that fosters your creative confidence. You will learn from the inside out to dive deep by creating your own paintings and gain hands-on experience of facilitating Visual Medicine groups or how to work with individual clients.



What does the training cover?

You will learn:

  • How to use Visual Medicine with individual clients and groups

  • How to integrate Visual Medicine in your own working practice

  • Create guided meditations and visual meditations

  • How to set up a group practice space + mix paint

  • How free association works with images and focussing words

  • How to write inner dialogue

  • The Quantum principles involved in the ecology of Visual Medicine

  • How to explore the hidden language within Visual Medicine paintings

  • To expand your visual lexicon through appreciation of cultural images and symbols and their archetypal associations and meanings

Some of the distinct phases within the archetype of the Creative Journey are:

  • Connecting to the origin of your own creativity

  • Meeting the catalysts of creativity which often come to us in the form of loss, change, love, inertia, illness, trauma or a long held desire…

  • Leaving the shore of what you know

  • Stepping out with a question

  • Finding your way in the Unknown

  • Finding your Inner Compass

  • Meeting your Inner Teacher

  • Finding the Oracle within yourself

  • Understanding mutual reciprocity and the principle of co-participation through the lens of the Visual Medicine practice

  • Unfolding your own personal creative narrative

  • Transforming past experiences with a ‘creative’ narrative

Frequently Asked Questions:


How long is the training?

The Visual Medicine Facilitator training is 10 days spaced over 3 X 3 day workshops and 1 X 1 day workshop. In addition there will be 5 x 90 minute sessions held online via Zoom. There is also a closed Facebook group to share questions and your own process. You will also have access to an online Student Studio which holds Visual Medicine teaching material including a supplies list, meditations, helpful articles, writing prompts and inspirational quotes and poems. Included is a 75 minute personal consultation with Suzette.

Will I need to do homework in between sessions?

Yes. Having a personal Visual Medicine practice is essential to becoming a Visual Medicine facilitator. Of course, like all trainings it does depend on what you put in. A successful practice with others is dependant on how you come to understand both the hands-on painting practice and your own process. Your practice builds through learning from your own experience and process. Whilst you are training you will need to make time for at least one hands-on painting session a week and use Visual Medicine paintings with Focusing Words as part of a journaling practice.

Will there be an online component to the training?

Yes. You will join a closed Facebook group for the duration of the training. There are also 5 live 90 minute sessions between groups, which will be recorded if you have to miss the live session. The online sessions will be a way of continuing the teaching support by addressing questions that come up through the weekend groups.

Do I need to have attended a Visual Medicine group before I train?

It would be a good idea to have had an experience of being in a Visual Medicine group. I offer a special a day-long Experience Day to give you a taste of working with Visual Medicine and an opportunity to see how I work. I also run various weekend workshops throughout the year. In order to train you will need to have completed at least 100 of your own Visual Medicine paintings and used some of them with the Visual Medicine journaling process.

Will I be able to teach Visual Medicine after completing?

Yes. Your own level of experience will influence how ready you feel to work with clients using Visual Medicine. In the training you will look at how to incorporate the process within the frame of your own working practice. As part of your course work you have a choice of either running a small Visual Medicine group for several sessions or several sessions of individual client work. The group could even be for friends or family. Of course, like all practices, your capacity and confidence to teach and work with others will be directly effected by how much you practice and engage with Visual Medicine for yourself.

Are materials provided for the training?

All your painting materials, including all paint and paper and your first work journal will be supplied. You will also receive two signed copies of my book Visual Medicine – the Art of the Unknown

Will I get a certificate to show that I’m a Visual Medicine facilitator?

Yes. You will hold a certificate and be able to use the title Certified Visual Medicine Facilitator. This is the first level of the training - there will be more advanced levels offered over time. You will also have the option of your profile being listed on this website under Visual Medicine Facilitators, which will allow you to draw on the resources of a growing group of Visual Medicine facilitators and clients (of course, it’s your choice to be on the website or not).

Where is the training held?

We meet in my studio in North West London, NW10 8UR. The studio is located opposite Harlesden Tube station on the Bakerloo Line. You will receive detailed joining instructions in your welcome pack.

Do you offer supervision or follow up?

I offer Supervision/Reflection groups and personal consultations for people who have completed the training. You will also be able to consult with experienced Visual Medicine practitioners, Jane Slemeck and Natacha Ledwidge.

Will you offer other Visual Medicine training possibilities?

Yes. In time there will be other advanced workshops to support you in your professional development. These will be offered as optional additional training courses. On completing the training I also offer a Reflection/Supervision group which meets 2 x a term. This provides a rich and engaging space to track your own inner journey and reflect on your work with clients. I am also available for Supervision and Consultancy.

How much is the training?

Your investment is £2,150. You will receive an early bird booking discount of £200 if you pay in full by September 1st, 2019 – which makes the training £1950. There is an instalment plan available over the duration of the course (or longer by arrangement)

Do you want to talk more?

If you are undecided and would like to have a conversation about the training to see if it’s a good fit before applying let’s have a check-it-out call.

How do I apply for the training?

Email your interest to and I will send you the application form. I am happy to have a conversation before you apply. After completing the written application we can then arrange an interview/conversation over the phone or Skype.

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