Visual Medicine
The Book

Available in Hardcopy and E-Book

By Suzette Clough

Visual Medicine™ is a radically simple painting and writing process originated by Suzette Clough which anyone can use. Visual Medicine allows images to emerge rather than being painted in a traditional sense. It is a practice akin to meditation, where a paradigm shift takes place; from trying to be creative – to naturally being creative in the moment.


Praise for Visual Medicine - the Art of the Unknown

Visual Medicine - the Art of the Unknown is an exquisite offering from a brilliant artist and psychotherapist. Its evocative images, poetry and wisdom invite the reader to open and journey deeper into the landscapes of their own soul.
Miranda Macpherson, Spiritual Teacher, Author, Founder of Onespirit Seminary UK, The Feminine Wisdom School

The images are primal, powerful and energetic which remind us of the potency of nature in full force. This process enables you to access your own inner world including your shadow and setbacks and brings you closer to your resources, discovering a different perspective to your original enquiry. This book is for those who dare to go into a journey of self discovery that will empower and give meaning to our lives.
- Lili Levy, Dramatherapist, Author – ‘Representacion de Las Emociones en La Dramaterapia’

Visual Medicine has made a lasting impact on my writing and creative work. This book is a work of the heart, soul & spirit.
- Jackee Holder - Author, Coach, Spiritual Activist

When the skill and creativity of a visionary, an artist, a therapist and a teacher come together, magic happens. Stunningly beautiful in both images and words, Suzette Clough offers the fruits of 30 years of exploring with students and clients the techniques she has developed and refined and lovingly guides readers into expanding their self knowledge using the alchemy of Visual Medicine.
- Gloria D. Karpinski, Spiritual Teacher, Author - Barefoot on Holy Ground, and Where Two Worlds Touch

I adore this wise, rich book. Reading it and working it feels a bit like discovering a form of healing magic...
- Jennifer Louden - Best-selling author of The Life Organizer and The Woman's Comfort Book

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