Watch our short video to hear to learn more about the Visual Medicine Facilitator Training.


The Facilitator Training will deepen your relationship to your own creativity, enhance your work with others and will see you accredited as a qualified Visual Medicine Facilitator. Designed for people from all disciplines who want to use creativity in their working lives, the training will allow you to take a creative leap in your work and guide others in the emergent field of transformational creativity. 

The core training is held at the Visual Medicine Studio in London and takes place over a series of 3 long weekends + an ending day:

September: Friday 27th, Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th

November: Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd

January: Friday 24th, Saturday 25th, Sunday 26th

February: Saturday 8th

The course is supported with a series of 5 X online sessions hosted on Zoom and a 75 minute personal consultation session with Suzette.

What people have said about the facilitator training:

“I would love to be able to put I to words how I felt by the end the last training session… your teaching and ability to make complex ideas accessible is so profound. I felt changed at a cellular level.... the physical feeling in my body comes back in strongly as I write now. My mind felt exploded, in the most dynamic way, stretched to its limits and then a sensation of a sighing out and a little more stretching. And more .... still unfolding…”

"Suzette’s intuitive and gentle teaching style is profoundly wise. This work touches places missed by others. This is a work of the heart, soul and spirit…”

“I have done some wonderful trainings that have stretched me, grown me and I have never experienced how I felt by the end of the last session”

“I am immensely humbled and deeply excited. I cannot thank you enough for the power and divinity that you carry and share with such a hugeness of heart…”



The training is for anyone who wants to use creativity as a source of exploration, expression and a vehicle for change in their working lives.

You don’t need to have any prior painting or art experience.

The training is for anyone who is a teacher, art therapist, artist, psychotherapist, complementary health practitioner, counsellor, healer, yoga or tai chi teacher, life coach or business coach and more. 

The training is a supportive experiential learning environment that fosters your creative confidence and resilience. You will learn from the inside out how to dive deep by creating your own paintings and gain hands-on experience of facilitating Visual Medicine groups and as well as how to work with individual clients and specific groups related to your field.



The training will give you a conceptual framework via the lens of Visual Medicine through which to understand the multidimensional ways our unconscious, right-brain and the interconnected material world communicate with us. Visual Medicine images can give an embodied insight into the vastness of your inner world as the images speak in the same visual, shape-shifting energy language as your psyche – the soul’s imagination and creative consciousness.

Visual Medicine teaches the language of your Creative Mind. Creativity and its’ particular farsighted intelligence can be an inner compass when our logic seeking left-brain cannot understand, see what is next, or understand complex issues. Developing our creativity is an exceptionally important skill set in these times of change; whether that change is occurring in our personal lives, our culture, or happening globally.

The training will show you a path based on Visual Medicine practices that will allow you to travel to new emotional territory, develop new thinking and another dimension of work with your clients, students or colleagues.

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  • How to use Visual Medicine with individuals and groups

  • How to integrate Visual Medicine in your own working practice

  • Create guided meditations & visual meditations

  • How to set the frame for a session by practically laying out paints, paper, and other materials

  • How Free Association works with Visual Medicine images

  • How to write inner dialogue

  • A beginner’s look at the theory of Quantum Entanglement, Biomimicry, and Field Theory as principles involved in the theoretical ecology of Visual Medicine

  • How to explore the hidden language within Visual Medicine paintings

  • To expand your visual lexicon through appreciation of cultural images and symbols and their archetypal associations and meanings

    Want to talk about the training before you think about applying?

    If you would like to have a conversation about the training to see if it’s a good fit for you before applying. Let’s have a check-it-out call. We can go over any questions you may have.

    Email me at and we can arrange a time.





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