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a radically transformative creative practice


About Visual Medicine

Visual Medicine is a practice of Creative Mindfulness originated by artist and psychotherapist Suzette Clough. It combines the radical simplicity of a unique no-brush painting technique with visual meditation and a reflective writing process.

Visual Medicine allows each person to connect to the artist within themselves. You can learn to paint luminous images, tap into a deeper level of creative flow and awareness - find a whole new perspective on the world.

Visual Medicine is a portal to the extraordinary transformative potential of your Creative Mind.

Tap into the limitless potential of your Creative Mind.

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Work with me + Visual Medicine

I love working on problems that call for radical, wise, creative solutions.

If you feel in a life transition or you find yourself living in a narrative that you’ve outgrown - Visual Medicine can be an exceptional guide in places where the Unknown calls us.

Whether you feel stuck, lost or longing to create a new way of being in the world - Visual Medicine provides an exquisite lens through which to see difficult material, alchemizing it with the catalyst of Creative Mind.

You can work with me in a workshop, or consult with me individually. I also run a Visual Medicine Facilitator training.

What people say about working with me…

I am immensely humbled and deeply excited. I cannot thank you enough for the power and divinity that you carry and share with such a hugeness of heart…

I have done some wonderful pieces of work that have stretched me, grown me and I have never experienced how I felt by the end of the last session…


Visual Medicine
Soul Compass App


Let your Creative Mind be your guide... 
Need an answer to a problem that overused left-brain logic cannot reach? Gently shake your perceptions and delve into the problem-solving potential of your naturally Creative Mind. Explore with visual meditation, creative mindfulness, freestyle writing, colour, images and sound.

Travel to a whole new perspective.

The Visual Medicine Soul Compass App catalyses answers that already exist within the universe of your Creative Mind.  


Paint extraordinary images effortlessly.


Learn Visual Medicine

Workshops & Retreats

Join a workshop or retreat with Visual Medicine orginator Suzette Clough. You can learn to paint effortlessly flowing, profoundly intriguing images. 

Online Courses

Launching Autumn 2019, the Visual Medicine studio comes online to share this radically transformative creative practice. 

Facilitator Training

The Visual Medicine Facilitator Training programme will enable you to take a creative leap from wherever you are and help you guide others in the emergent field of transformational spiritual creativity. 

Business Workshops

Visual Medicine offers bespoke workshops for businesses, organisations and charities who want to explore the natural creative intelligence of their people, products and services. 

Ask a question.
The answer emerges.


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