Visual Medicine has taken me into my body, my guts, my heart and my soul. It has taken me into the truth of who I am in each moment and to see myself without judgment. In the midst of uncertainty, wonder, hope and beauty my paintings have often given me a little wink and reminded me that all is well. Visual Medicine has allowed me to fall apart and find wholeness…

Ziba Sarikani

Visual Medicine is a deeply restorative, transformative creative practice that has made a lasting impact on my writing and creative work over the last ten years. When fast becomes the norm Visual Medicine brings back to life the ritual of slowing down and knocking on the door of the unconscious. Suzette's intuitive and gentle style show her to be a teacher who is profoundly wise in the art and craft of creativity. Her work touches places missed by others. This is a work of the heart, soul and spirit. It is medicine. I cannot express the gratitude and magnitude of appreciation I feel for this work.

Jackee Holder

Suzette has an extraordinary ability to get behind images and words with a laser like quality. She is an artist, visionary, alchemist and creator, who balances her professionalism with a compassionate heart. Through working with her and practicing Visual Medicine I have connected at a soul level with a previously unknown part of myself.

Jane Slemeck

When I think of Suzette and of Visual Medicine the word that comes to mind is love. It has allowed me the courage to visit a place where heart and soul meet; it is sometimes raw, sometimes joyous and often tender.

Victoria Chisholm

I truly believe that Visual Medicine is revolutionary and can make an extraordinary contribution to the new consciousness our world desperately needs.

Rachel Houghton

Working with Suzette was for me an experience of being taken by the hand into a realm I had been longing to re-enter but somehow, since early childhood had forgotten how to. I was seeking to explore the potential of my work, for a website, to communicate what has been growing in me, in my work. I entered new space -  I lost sense of time and something emerged that will serve not only the outer form when it gets expressed, but more importantly for me, opened me up to that part again that I had so loved as a child... I  cannot recommend this work strongly or fervently enough. Suzette is a master of heart, soul and psyche and it is a privilege to work with her. 

Dr Kim Jobst                                    

I still feel as excited and surprised by the creativity of Visual Medicine as I did 10 years ago. It’s mysterious, exciting and revealing. The images and paint flow and connect to a deeper part of my Being. I know this beautiful, seemingly simple system has magic, power and has expanded my consciousness.

Khristina Evans

Visual Medicine allowed me to find a home inside myself, and the courage to explore creatively in the world. I have felt the joy and boundless possibility of healing my imagination through painting.

Carole Jarvis

Visual Medicine has been an epic journey of coming home to myself. It has been my creativity lifeline when all else in my life felt blocked. It has excavated my wisdom and feminine power. My paintings say “look, here I am, everything you want and need is with you”…Each time I scoop up paint onto paper, I am reminded that just as the paint creates miracles inconceivable to the human hand, life creates miracles and shows up in all its splendour when we allow ourselves to step back and allow. Suzette, thank you for gifting me this practice of a lifetime.

Nazanine Moktarzadeh

Visual Medicine has given me a huge gift, connected me to the Earth, opened my eyes to so much that often remains invisible to many. This process is deeply healing. I am forever grateful to you and this practice.

Natacha Ledwidge

I felt seen as a whole person in all my complexity – for my creative power and my vulnerability – part of the cosmic warp and weft. Suzette sees the wounding and the strength in the wounding as a source of strength. And love my paintings!

Lauren Davis


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