Painting has been my way of tapping into a world that is invisible, interconnected and vibrantly alive. I believe in the deepest level of my being that creativity is both a pattern and a code that we live in a co-creative universe and that we are not alone…

Part of my apprenticeship for Visual Medicine was hand printing over five thousand metres of silk. Each centimetre of cloth was painted by hand with a unique unrepeatable print. Over years of solo studio work I saw and experienced paint, dyes, and inks moving in exquisite flowing conversation with such intimate encounter that I could no longer be blind or deaf to the unfolding reality that the material world is vibrantly alive with energy and ready to speak to us.

I understood at a cellular level that when we make the right circumstances for creative energy to speak - it does. When we don't try to control it by second guessing how it should look - it bubbles, flows and communicates as an actual intelligence. It becomes itself in co-created relationship bringing with it a message for us.

Get up close and personal with the Visual Medicine Practice.

I studied graphic design and then fine art painting in my birthplace of Australia. Looking for a way to connect my creative practice with my own profound need for emotional healing I trained in body-orientated psychotherapy at the Chiron Centre, London. I am an ordained Interfaith minister through OneSpirit, UK. 

My therapeutic background has been in private psychotherapy practice, as well addiction counselling in primary care, working with massage in a radical hospice with people with HIV and AIDS, and various projects with women in recovery from mental illness or coming out of the criminal justice system. 

I have practiced painting for over 35 years and exhibited and sold my paintings, textiles and art-to-wear clothes around the world. I also work large scale with constructed canvas, handmade paper, beeswax, inks, natural earth pigments, and pastels.

My work is deeply informed by my training as an artist, psychotherapist, and my own spiritual searching. I have a lifelong passion to bring creativity, spirituality and embodied emotional intelligence together. I believe creativity is utterly necessary for our planetary survival.  

Giving visual shape and a conceptual form to the practice of Visual Medicine continues to be a life-defining experience for me. 

Please browse my other love - my works on canvas. You can view my fine art paintings here...